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Night comes and with it zekora predictions about the spirits that haunt their house and poniville although all ponies stayed at home with a talisman created by zekora and skips twilight sparkle and spike have none so detect the spirits that haunt the house and go.
Mordecai unconscious and wakes up to realize that far from the house twilight and that it is night to rush to deliver the amulet that he gave him the misunderstanding.
So run to the house twilight twilight again at home while listening to the desperate cries of spike
Twilight falls rapidly to know what happens ....
Twilight: What happens spike?
Spike: What are those black things?
Twilight: The spirits that zekora mentioned, we use the amulet to give us zekora!
Spike: amulet amulet?
Twilight: or not! forget the charm ..
¿Open Mordecai was what he wanted to surrender before the incident?
Spike: twilight run!
Twilight and spike took refuge in the kitchen, being closer to the scene and twilight began to make a small force field to protect themselves with spike.
While Rigby Mordecai finds out just woken up after delivering the amulets ..
Mordecai: Rigby! We need your help to enter the house of twilight!
Rigby: ¿Mordecai happens?!
! We give the amulet to twilight
Both come back to the house of the unicorn, when spirits try to attack on both ...
The bird and raccoon all they can do is just try to ram the door to enter and they succeed despite trying desperately to find the unicorn and the dragon.

Mordecai: twilight ¿Where are you?!
Twilight: here I am Mordecai help!
Mordecai and Rigby run to where twilight and spike, but the spirits begin to throw a pot utensils until we reach out to Mordecai and throwing, twilight look with great concern what happened to Mordecai and she screams to encourage ........
Twilight: Mordecai sorry I did not think this would happen!
Mordecai: twilight!
Mordecai stands aided by Rigby and last effort both are thrown into the force field of twilight with the hope that it opens a hole so they can enter an instant before the spirits are bigger things that throw.
Twilight manages to make the opening of Mordechai Mordechai Rigby, they go quickly hugs her tight to twilight and fearing the opening are exposed again against the spiritual
Mordecai heard whispers in twilight
Mordecai: as I said is not what it seems I've got a loss of Daisy, but I never wanted you to be his replacement, ever want that you will fill the space in my heart that she left me, for you are now part of my heart completely The reason I came here with skips was not to comfort me was to really be with you and check us out.
This twilight begins to mourn and again they kiss both.
The amulet begins to glow and light mower begins to frighten the spirits
When the light disappears all 4 open their eyes wondering if I'll finish.
Apparently it was over ..........

Later .........

Skips to the ritual begins to return to the park along with Mordecai and Rigby, zekora flatters them a little statue as a thank you, just open the gate Mordecai and say goodbye to zekora Rigby, twilight and spike

Mordecai: I promise I will see you again
Twilight: I'll wait ......

At that moment Mordecai gives her a heart-shaped charm that zekora asked him to do it.
And he inserted a small photograph of him.
Both asked to give a kiss and a little stare.
Skips: Mordecai ... hurry!
And after both a farewell farewell
Upon returning to the park Mordecai and Rigby run to the video games before meeting ponaga benson and working again
Rigby * asking * Mordecai while playing what will you do the next time you'll still come back asking her out?
Mordecai: * answering * No, he will propose marriage
Rigby is surprised but pleased to see Mordecai cheerful as ever till that benson the view and in a loud voice ...

Have you arrived?! Well back to work!

                                       "love is bloom"

THE END............
the conclusion of this fanfiction is that I miss a lot of effort to complete but do not many fics. I hope you liked .
fanfiction for contest.......
......mordetwi forever ......
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